Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Zumba he Zumba ha!

Yesterday I finally got myself to a Zumba class! Yay!
There are quite a few on offer here in Abu Dhabi, but most of them are very far away downtown, and most take place in the evenings. I much prefer exercise in the morning, plus I'd rather do it while the kids are in school anyway.

This class was at a hotel not far from where we live, so close enough. Only downside was that it didn't start until 9.30, so you get a bit of "wasted" time between school drop off and start of class. Plus it sort of takes up your whole morning, before you're home again, showered and ready to go.
Ah well, it's not like I have too much else going on!

The class was very well attended, and the instructor was lovely with some cool tracks and funky moves. She was an Indian girl who had moved here last year from Singapore, so it turned out we have some Zumba friends in common!

I'm hoping to find my own classes to teach here somewhere. I'll see if the Zumba community here knows of any, or I'll have to start scouting hotels and fitness centers to see if they would like to offer Zumba. I didn't realize until yesterday how much I've missed it...

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