Thursday, 31 October 2019

Celebrations continued

The Hybholts arrived a week ago, just in time for Nathan and I to jet off to Copenhagen and leave them in charge of the kids! (It was planned this way)

But of course, before we left, we had time to celebrate Linnea one more time - with more donuts!

Tuesday, 29 October 2019


Sweet Linnea is now 14 years old, can you believe it?! 14!! STOP THE TIME! I don't want any more birthdays, I just want them to stay young and cuddly forever..!

Birthday girl was woken up with singing and presents, as per tradition:

Clothes and new headphones:

Not everybody were quite as energetic this early in the morning...

I had been on the waiting list in the Lego Store, for the brand new Lego from the TV-series 'Friends', which is one of her favourites. Such a cool set!

Pancake breakfast, of course, flags and confetti!

After school we celebrated with cheese cake:

Linnea built her new 'Friends' Lego, the Central Perk place:

Not a bad haul!

In the evening Linnea got to choose dinner place, so she took us (and our neighbour Rory) for sushi, which was nice as that's a favourite of all of us! Om nom nom!

Happy Birthday dear Linnea, I wish you a wonderful year ahead!

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Party party party!

Someone is almost having a birthday, so someone had a birthday party this weekend - at the Yas Beach, with seven of her girlfriends.

A few hours at the beach, swimming, making Tik-Toks, having pizza and hanging out:

Can't believe she's about to turn FOURTEEN!

Then back here for the traditional donut-"cake":

And some gift opening:

Then all but one stayed for a sleepover, lucky we have a lot of mattresses, pillows and duvets! Linnea's whole room became padded!

And lucky we have more than one frying pan - as there was american pancakes requested for breakfast! I cooked so many pancakes...

A good time had by all, now countdown is on for the real birthday!

Thursday, 17 October 2019

A new look

During the summer holiday Linnea experimented with her hair by using colour bombs of different kinds. They are not allowed to go to crazy with hair colour for school, but during the holidays I was completely fine with her having blue and purple hair. She got that Billie Eilish-vibe, but unfortunately it all washed out pretty fast.

Since then she has been toying with the idea of doing something a bit more lasting. So as a part of her birthday gift I took her to my hairdresser the other day. They discussed back and forth, and in the end Linnea decided to try going a bit darker for a while with some semi-permanent colour.
She enjoyed the whole pampering experience:

And here's a before - and after:

Actually the photo doesn't quite do the hair colour justice, it's a deep warm brown, the colour suits her really well. Although she already wants to go even darker "next time"!

Friday, 4 October 2019

Cinnamon Bun Day

Cinnamon Bun Day! One of my favourites!
This year celebrated with SWEA at the residence of the Swedish Ambassador's wife.

Extra fancy getting to 'fika' on the pretty gold-rimmed china with the Swedish crown! 

I have celebrated Cinnamon Bun in Abu Dhabi in different ways, see here, and here. I have also written about the history of Cinnamon Bun day before - here.
Certainly one of the more yummy days to celebrate!