Thursday, 29 May 2014

Just in time!

So... Since Tash has been here we've had quite a few late nights. Well, actually, to be honest, e-v-e-r-y night has been a late night! Ouch!
Lucky I was able to pick up my 'Alcoholic License' just the other day when she arrived! What good timing! :)

You need this license to legally consume or purchase alcohol here, but like with everything else admin here, getting it sorted was super simple. You just apply for it straight online on the Special License website. Once it has been approved (you must earn more than 3000Dhs per month, be a resident, non-Muslim and over 21 to be allowed one - spouses can be added to their partners licenses) and printed, you pick it up at your nearest liquor outlet.


  1. Ha ha, det är ju underligt att man som vuxen måste ha en licens för att köpa vin...