Sunday, 31 July 2016

366 in 2016 - July

The month of July started back home in Abu Dhabi with our last two sets of visitors for this year (I work in school years). A few days into the month we were off to Sweden on our summer adventure, and so far we've done Sports Camp, Stockholm and adventures around Skara. Enjoy!

The big family get together

Today was the day for the big family get together on my Mum's side. There was nearly 40 of us, descendants of my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather, on my Grandma's side.

My mum had organized it all so well. Not just made sure everybody got an invite, booked a venue and sorted out food but also prepared displays based on her genealogy findings.

Everybody thought it was very interesting to find out how we were all related. There was four generations there, all descendants of Berta and Victor.

We had ordered in food, and had cold meats on "Exotic Platters". Mmm, very yummy!

My Mum and I:

Linnea and one of her second cousins, Daga:

Last time there was this many of us gathered together, was for my Great Grandfather's 80th birthday, when I was 8! So quite a while ago!

My two aunts Elinor and Tina, my cousin Emma, and my uncle Johnny:

My aunt Tina, my cousin Stefan's wife Martina, my cousin Emma and Stefan and Martina's two girls Daga and Lotta:

My cousin Simon and Lucas:

The kids treated us to a gymnastics/dance/comic performance on the stage. Who could resist such a perfect set up!

One of my Mum's uncles and my Dad:

A group photo of all the blood relatives (no partners), before people started to leave:


Saturday, 30 July 2016

Theater tradition

This Saturday it was time for another of our summer traditions, the yearly childrens play in the yard of Båtsmanshuset in Skara, by the theater company Charlies Teater.

This was our seventh year, and I must say I enjoyed this play and the performances of the actors much more than I've done the few previous years.

This year's play was called 'Bill och de laglösa', and was based on a series of children's books about a mischievous 11-year old schoolboy called William, and his band of friends, known as "The Outlaws". These books were written by a lady called Richmal Crompton, between 1922 and 1970.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Gotta catch them all!

I must say, I don't mind the Pokémon Go craze the slightest. I really enjoy that Lucas is now actually begging me to go for a walk, or to take our bikes and ride in to town to chase some pokemons and get to the pokestops.

A new way of discovering Skara! Here the buss station and Björndammen:

My old high school:

It's nice to share this with him, and to spend time with just him for a bit.

On the way home we stopped along the road, and jumped into the ditch to pick some wild raspberries. Oh how I enjoy being able to pick and eat fresh berries straight from the bushes! Mmm! Summer at it's best!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Same procedure as last year

Every year we visit the little zoo on top of Mösseberg in Falköping. I'm thinking one day the kids will be too old to want to go, but not yet.

They even still want to go on the moon cars. This has been Lucas' absolute favourite thing to do here, since he could reach those pedals!

Ice cream break:

We had a really good day in Falköping, with something for everybody. The mini zoo and playground, a stop at the Cheese Shop to get some yummy treats for later on and we even managed a stroll through town to check out the last of the sales without too much wining - as Lucas got to chase pokémon, of course...

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Coffee in town

We were lucky enough to be in Skara at the same time as my friend Katarina and her family this summer. They live in Skellefteå, and were on a road trip for their vacation. Some years it works out to meet up, some years not, as they usually only spend about a week in Skara with her parents. Sometimes that's before we even get to Scandinavia, sometimes it's while we are away doing something else. But this year it worked and we met up in Skara for a coffee.

I curled my hair for the occasion! Pretty, pretty!

Wow, you can certainly see time pass when you look at the kids! They are all getting so big!!

While we still look the same, obviously!

It was our first bike trip for the summer - oh, how I love riding our bikes!! The smell, the road, the fields, the green..! That's Swedish summer at it's best!