Sunday, 18 May 2014

A Shopping Soiree

This morning I went to a 'Shopping Soiree' arranged at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. This is one of the clubs we have been thinking about maybe joining after the summer, so it was nice to get to wander around a little bit and have a good look.

The Shopping Soiree (I thought a soiree was something taking part in the evening..??) was kind of a familiar event. Different expat community, same kind of women entrepreneurs.
They sold everything from homemade jewelery, homemade soaps, tuniques, baby things and body oils to imported sandals from Brazil, homemade jams, organic vegetables, furniture and paintings etc.

I went with three new friends I've met through Swedish school, and we had a good look around (I even bought a few things, see below) and then went for a quick lunch downstairs at the Golf Club. It was a really lovely morning.

I bought two pairs of earrings. One pair that match my amethyst ring that my mother-in-law bought me in India, and another pair just because they were pretty!

I also found this booth, with a French lady selling fairy light chains. I knew about these kind of lights already, in Sweden they sell them under the name 'Happy Lights'. It was actually on my list for the summer to buy some for the kids' rooms!

So I was really happy to be able to buy them here, where I could see the many different colours (you pick and choose, and build your own combination) live, and not need to lug them all the way from Sweden. And, they were actually a LOT cheaper than there too! Win-win!
I bought two sets, an orange-grey-beige combo for Lucas' room, and a blue-pink-white one for Linnea's. I'm so looking forward to putting them up tonight, and make their rooms really cosy for bedtime.

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