Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Back to Black Tap

Saturday the girls wanted to go to shopping so it was time for Yas Mall. For a bit of a snack in between all the shopping, we took them to a newly opened place which wasn't there when they lived here - the Black Tap.

It's been a while since we tried it in Dubai, so the kids were allowed to order one each of their shakes. It's not something you eat very often... check out these giants!

Monday, 29 October 2018

Halloween Brunch at Yas Hotel

We wanted to do a different Friday Brunch than the usual Fairmont this time, and booked ourselves in at the Yas Hotel.


They had a Halloween themed brunch this Friday, and all the decorations, and food, were on point.

We had also invited another family, my new friend Ulrika, her husband and three children. It was their first Friday Brunch, and they were mighty impressed. Yas Hotel is really great value when it comes to entertainment as they were racing on the track while we were brunching. 

I feel like this might be needed to step up our game before the next Margarita night..!

There was some slight communication problems around who was getting the drinks, so we sure had enough..!

Linnea got some scary face paint:

We finished off the evening at ours, it was a really great Friday!

Hybholts are back

I went straight to Dubai the other evening after the Sweden Day celebrations, to pick up Pia and her crew. They are here for a two-week holiday, and I'm so happy.

Two weeks might be a long time to have someone in your house, but it is so chill to have them staying. Not only have they lived here before so they know exactly what they want to do, they also understand we still have school and work and have no problem entertaining themselves on their own. They also have been staying before, and aren't afraid of helping out lots around the house, so there are no issues. We are also all such good friends, and communication is very straight, I boss Martin and her kids around just as much as my own family..! Ha ha!

I'm happy I get to hang with my bestie, and we have just floated around doing things we used to do; like getting Friday Brunch ready with all the girls:

They also wanted to celebrate Linnea's recent birthday, so we got some more donuts and Linnea got some more lovely birthday gifts:

Lucky girl!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Sweden Day 2018

As the Swedish National Day falls on the 6th of June, it makes it rather difficult to celebrate it here in the sandpit, temperatures being way too high at that time of the year.
Instead I got an invitation for last night, to celebrate 'Sweden Day - Innovative Sweden' at the Residence of the Swedish Ambassador. This was an event made possible thanks to a long list of corporate partners such as IKEA, Saab, Volvo and Ericsson to name a few.

It was the biggest event I have ever attended at the Residence. Upon arriving there was Volvo trucks and cars parked for display out the front, and there was a blue (but of course!) carpet to walk into the back garden. I matched beautifully with my royal blue blouse and yellow Hollie Woods clogs:

There was some speeches, both from the Ambassador, but also from the corporate partners and from the guest of honour - the Minister of State for Food Security HE Maryam bint Mohammed Al Mehairi. She had just returned from a trip to Sweden, where she had been discussing enhancing cooperations in innovations in food technology, as Sweden is at the forefront of supporting environmental sustainability and food innovation.

We were also treated to some live Swedish entertainment, and delicious Swedish food; and we even got a little Swedish goodie bag when we left, filled with Swedish souvenirs.

Monday, 22 October 2018

She's Thir-TEEN!

So came the day, where we no longer have children in the house - instead we are now the parents of not just one, but two teenagers; the littlest one turned THIRTEEN! How did that happen?!

It was a very happy brand new teen waking up to the birthday singing, and presents in bed:

Presents included a Danish 'Hoptimist', a classic Swedish Ballograf deskset, dangling earrings, a Pandora charm, some books, bath bombs, a cook book, a mouse pad, cash, clothes and a Instax printer - the top thing off her wish list.

Pancakes for breakfast:

She brought donuts to school for all her friends:

And in the evening we went out for a family meal. Linnea got to decide where to go and she wanted sushi, so we perfect occasion to try the Aquarium restaurant in Yas Marina.

It was actually rather nice temperature, so we decided it was time to start the outdoor season - lovely!

Just as we were wondering why it took them so long to prepare our bill, the staff surprised Linnea with a cake and a birthday song! Well, we ALL got surprised actually, but how nice!

We all went to bed as soon as we got home, as after an early start in the morning and a long day of celebrations we were so tired. Linnea said, it had felt like such a grown-up birthday... and was really happy and content. Happy 13th Sweety!