Thursday, 29 May 2014

Student conferences

New school, new procedures. Here at the end of the term, you don't have a Parent-Teacher conference, you actually have a STUDENT led three-way conference! It was our first on Wednesday.
School was out for the whole day, you only had to take your child in for your 15 minutes conference time. As Nathan was working, I had to come on my own.

These kind of conferences is obviously a new thing for our kids, but they did a really good job. It felt mostly like an "Open School Day" to me, and both kids were really enthusiastic in walking me around their class rooms, showing me their portfolios and talk about their work.
Lucas had constructed this soundproof house together with two of his friends:

We also visited their art rooms, the gym, the music room and the Arabic teacher. It was actually quite nice to get a bit more insight to their school days, and catch a few words with their teachers, even though there wasn't much time.

It seems like both kids now have settled in really well and both are doing just fine with their work at school. Both their teachers had only good things to say, which was really nice to hear.

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