Monday, 12 May 2014

My first coffee morning

This morning I was invited around to Nina's house for breakfast after school drop off. I met Nina through 'Svenska Skolan', and the other day she took me under her wing and showed me around our area a little bit while the kids were at school, which was super nice of her.

She had prepared a lovely breakfast table with lots of amazing food! We ate and ate... and ate! I didn't leave until after about five hours... that's how much we ate..! French baguettes with jam and other French pastries, Brie cheese, homemade smoothie, fresh fruits and vegetables, grilled halloumi, Lebanese breakfast eggs with Arabic bread, youghurt, olives, zatar, Irish soda bread, and cake! Mmm...

It was also an interesting mix of ladies around the table. Apart from Nina and one more Swedish girl, the others came from Denmark, Greece, Libya, Ethiopia and Ireland.

It was such a lovely morning, with such nice people. Many interesting stories were shared, and many laughs. I had a very nice time.

I also left with terrible house envy, as Nina and her family lives in this beautiful (and huge!) house in this fabulously established compound, and has their own private pool. J-e-a-l-o-u-s. 
(Unfortunately I just have to keep dreaming, because you need a housing allowance at least 40% bigger than ours to get a house like that...)

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  1. What a nice brekky! Food looks delicious...mmmm. Now I'm hungry. And it's midnight....