Friday, 31 January 2020

The lemon twist

This Wednesday I went for the first time to the NYU campus here in Abu Dhabi, together with a Louvre Abu Dhabi colleague of mine, to attend an art lecture held by their Vice Chancellor Mariët Westermann.

She was going to give a talk about the importance of the artfully carved lemon twist, in still life art - "The emergence of the lemon twist in Dutch still life".

Yes, it might seem quite a narrow part of art history, but nevertheless, it was actually really interesting! She explained how the twisted lemon peel became one of the most beloved motifs of the still life painters in the 17th century, and why it was such a signature element of this genre.

Kathleen and I stayed on as well for the chat that followed on after the lecture, which gave rise to several interesting questions, thoughts and discussions. So nice to be in a room full of people, all displaying such a keen interest for the arts.