Thursday, 15 May 2014

Den blomstertid nu kommer

I'm not quite sure why they finish so early (six weeks before the normal schools), but yesterday was already the last session this term for 'Svenska Skolan' (=Swedish School). Instead of a lesson, all siblings and parents were invited to a 'Skolavslutning' (=end of term party), and we had all brought 'Fika' (=yummy things for snack!).

It was very relaxed, the kids read us summer poems and sang us a couple of songs. Even though it was the traditional beautiful summer songs, I actually managed not to cry this time..! It was really heart warming though. Bless.

Lucas is to the left in a red shirt, Linnea didn't want to participate in the singing.

The teachers got some flowers, and got thanked for good work, and then - it was time for cake!
Watch out!

 The blue and yellow cake was blue and yellow even on the inside! :)

After fika, while us parents were having a good chat - the teachers and the kids went outside to play a few games. I went out to have a look at one stage, and they were playing 'Under hökens vingar'..! :) Love it!

I'm already looking forward to next year with Svenska Skolan. The kids are going to have such a great time there, they do so many fun things. But now - Sommarlov!

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