Friday, 30 May 2014

Yas Waterworld

Even though the temperature has certainly been turned up a notch the last few weeks, and it was over 45 degrees (!) yesterday - the kids wanted to take their friends to Yas Waterworld.

Even though it is quite a bit to do in the park, it offers 43 slides, rides and attractions; it's not too big, you can easily cover it all in one day. There is two different lazy river rides, many different slides, drops and loops, a roller coaster, climbing frames, playgrounds etc. We started out at the wave pool, the kids loved the big, big waves!

All the four kids just loved this huge climbing/sliding frame:

It wasn't exactly crowded... Plenty of space, and free wifi all over the park too!

Slushies all around!

We watched this mini show about the traditional Emirati pearl diving culture. It showed how they used to work, and also had two girls performing a synchronized swimming routine under water, it was pretty cool.

All four of the kids also went on the 'Bandit Bomber', the longest suspended rollercoaster in the Middle East. It has onboard special water and laser effects so you can take aim to splash all those walking below. I managed to catch these photos easily as we could hear the kids coming from far away... They all liked it - apart from Linnea, who was wailing all the way around... bless her...

Linnea and Hannah spent quite a while at these slides below. There were many different ones, you either go down in a single dingie, or in a double dingie with a friend. Some of the slides uses mats and some rafts for up to six people. Perfect slides for kids in our kids age.

Tash and I enjoyed another slushie while the kids went for their last rides. The park closed at 7pm and we were there until the very last minute!

This was our first visit to Yas Waterworld, and I must say I was rather impressed. There was many lifeguards in and around the pools, and the park itself was clean and well maintained.
The rides and slides suits our kids perfectly, in the future we'll be able to park ourselves in a central spot and let the kids run around by themselves. The only downside would be the prices and the quality of the food on offer I guess, but that's the same in all theme parks.
I liked the park, and the kids loved it. I'm sure we are going to have many more fun days there!

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