Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Justin Timberlake experience

Last night I went to my first concert here in Abu Dhabi! So exciting!
Well, it was my first concert at all in a very, very long time, I actually can't even remember when I last went to one!? Safe to say, I would've gone to almost anything, and it so happened to be - Justin Timberlake.

So ok, I'm not a JT fan by any standards, but sure, I do like his music and I had read very good reviews from earlier concerts on this World Tour of his. So when our neighbours said they had some extra tickets I was really excited. Unfortunately Nathan was flying though, so I had to go solo.

We started out at Yas Plaza for some preconcert drinks, here's Lee, Stuart, Bron and I at the Stills Bar:

Like many others, we then walked over to the du Arena where the concert were going to be. Gates had opened at 7pm, and we arrived about 8.30pm. There was a line, but it was steadily moving, so we just followed the flow. Apparently there was about 20,000 people at the concert, but it didn't feel crowded in any scary way.

Another queue on the inside, to get our alcohol wristbands. Stuart and I got to show our IDs to prove that we were over 21, Lee and Bron passed anyway. Ha ha, I guess they just picked at random...

Then we headed to the beer tent, just like at any other concert!! Yeah baby! The boys made sure we weren't going to get thirsty during the concert!

Then - there he was!! He started the concert right on time just after 9pm and we found a good spot not too close and not too far away. Plenty of space to get dancing!

There was a huge laser show on stage, and not only did he have a 11-piece band with him, with four backup singers and plenty of dancers; he was also playing both the piano and the acoustic guitar himself during the concert. The acoustic set probably being my favourite part of the night.

What a great night! I have to say I probably enjoyed the concert experience itself mostly, even though JT put on quite a show. I'm already looking forward to the next concert, whoever that might be! :)

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  1. Grymt avis, skulle jättegärna se Timberlake live!