Thursday, 30 August 2018

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I back dated all the posts of our summer holiday, so they are all under the 'That sad September' post below. So please scroll down if you fancy a peak on what we've been up to these past few months. ⬇︎

That sad September

We've been back almost a full week from this years summer holidays, and I guess it's about time to write that 'Hey we're back!'-post. Not that I haven't had time, ha ha, time is all I have; more because I haven't really wanted to.
Last year, I experienced my return was different to the years before and I was feeling happy and upbeat. (In hindsight, it was probably because I had just spent nearly TWELVE weeks with the kids 24/7 more than anything else, ha ha!)

This year, I feel I'm back to square one, or even minus fifteen or whatever the expression would be - I am back to feeling exactly like I did in 2015 and 2016, and worse yet. The words ugly, blergh, prison, gloom, boredom, beige and loneliness still resonate very much with me.

We've been back a whole week, and I've seen one friend for coffee, the neighbours came over for a G&T one evening and... well... I've been to the supermarket once and to the movies once. The rest of the time, I've mostly been sat here, as per usual. Making time pass, trying to figure out how I'll get through this soggy September, before the weather calms down a bit, job picks up a bit and life happens again.

I've stopped being hopeful that things might change, instead I focus on what I can rely on:
I can rely on feeling better when I can go outside and not melt away; I can rely on feeling accomplished when I'll start guiding again. I also rely on knowing that I enjoy so much having guests, and since we'll have four different families come over during October and November it'll be a fun and busy fall.
I just have to get through "Sad September"...

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Thank you, Summer of '18!

Well, it's time to go home after another great summer, at home. Thank you to all our friends and family for creating lovely memories with us. ♥︎

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Back to Bunkeflo

Yes, we managed to squeeze in a few more days with Pia and family before we left Scandinavia for this summer. It was so short when we were here in July, I was happy we got a few more days.

Their new outdoor room was, almost, finished. Finished enough for us to decorate it and be able to sit out there and enjoy our wine and cheese in the evenings. Oh my, so cosy!

Her kids were at school, and we left mine behind at home with Mollie the dog, and escaped to Emporia for some Mums-only shopping; or more like it, just a break for a few hours. After nearly 7 weeks of being together 24/7 I needed that!

On our last evening we invited Pia and the girls (Martin was at work) to Pinchos. They hadn't been before, so it was an obvious choice. Success all around!

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Copenhagen Ironman 2018

We were actually here in Copenhagen to cheer on the Ironman participants two years ago as well, although that day was a much hotter day than today. I dare say that today had the absolute perfect conditions for the athletes, warm enough but no blaring sun.

We walked and walked along the route, to get to the finish line. So many people out and about to cheer on the participants, and such good atmosphere.
It was actually really touching to stand at the finish line and watch the athletes reach their goal. I got emotional sharing their joy and pride, some were crying as they turned down the red carpet, some ran with the arms in the air as they were Olympic gold medalists - with all right, what a feat!!

We arrived just as the first non-professional finished his run, and the first woman at exactly 09.00 hours. I waited about a bit for an old guide collegue of mine who I knew took part, and he came in just under 10 hours. Well done Micke!

Time for brunch

Sunday morning it was time to spoil ourselves a little bit, and go get some brunch. Katja knew of a nice place at Enghave Plads, so we walked over there. Weather was perfect, so we sat outside; and both Dorthe and Thomas also came and joined us.

Thomas brought his latest gadget, an electric bike (Mate) which turned out to be the best toy ever. The kids took turn after turn in trying it out, and could've kept going all afternoon if we would've let them.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Copenhagen happenings

We took a few days more in Copenhagen before going home, as we had missed quite a few of our friends last visit. This time we came on the weekend, and it coincided with two major happenings in the capital - the Copenhagen Pride parade and Ironman Copenhagen. So much fun!

We were staying with Katja and the kids (Søren was flying), and decided to get down onto the street to experience the Pride atmosphere close up.

Lucas and Konrad got a high-five from the Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke!

And very love-themed aftermath once the parade had passed by:

We finished our Saturday with dinner at the kids' request - sushi! They really enjoyed the running sushi train.

Katja and I sent the kids home and finished the warm evening with a cold glass of wine. Lush!

Friday, 17 August 2018

Time to go

Always sad to say goodbye, so we say 'So Long'! ... and thank you for this summer! ♥︎

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

On a rainy day

I could possibly have been the only one, but I kind of welcomed the rain once it finally came for longer than 10 minutes. This summer was amazing in every way, and warm, sunny weather surely helps - but I don't mind rainy days actually. I find them rather cosy.

On one of the last days with Mormor and Morfar we decided to go to Falköping and have a look at an exhibition Mormor wanted to see at the Falbygdens Museum. It was called "Two heads shorter" - an exhibition about two beheaded Vikings who were found under the surface of a square in Falköping a couple of years ago.

We also went upstairs to see the rest of the exhibits, about Ancient times in Falbygden, The Raspberry Girl, and much more.

Linnea, as per usual, had a good look in the souvenir shop but it was actually Lucas who found something he liked. Mormor ended up buying him an early Christmas present, a really nice, thick book about the Norse Gods.

And this is how you say 'Thank You'..! ♥︎

Monday, 13 August 2018

A promise is a promise

Even though the kids are getting older, they still like going to indoor playlands; although every time they ask when we are going I tend to answer "On a day when it's raining". Well, this summer we certainly didn't have many rainy days!
But a promise is a promise, so this last week we decided to go anyway. We brought Emma and Sixten for some extra entertainment.

And - look who we found!! Friends from Abu Dhabi!! How fun!!