Thursday, 22 May 2014

Movie Night at the Golf Club

Every Thursday afternoon The Abu Dhabi Golf Club opens it's doors also to non-members, for their Movie Night. They have a bouncy slides around for the kids, even one going down into the pool!

It's great because they have several life guards on duty around the pool, so you don't have to worry at all about your kids.

It's a really nice area around the pool and it was full tonight. It seems like a popular place to hang out and start your weekend around here!

About 7pm when it has gone dark, they show a family movie and all the kids grab a chair or a bean bag and settle in in front of the big screen. Last week we were there for the first time but we didn't stay for the movie, but tonight we decided to do that - it was the 'Hotel Transylvania'.

I was comfortably watching from my sunbed on the other side of the pool!

Later on they were lighting up the tiki lanterns, and also had a set up where you could buy drinks and snacks by the pool; cotton candy, popcorn, shawarmas and ice cream. Of course the temperature was just perfect this time of the evening, and tonight we even had a little soft, warm breeze.
What a lovely night!

Let me tell you, after an afternoon like that playing, swimming and watching a movie - the kids didn't take much rocking tonight!

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