Thursday, 29 May 2014

Turners at the track

Tuesday night I took the Turners down to the circuit. It's almost a bit like a tourist attraction thing, because it sure is rather special to get to walk on a F1 track. I really wanted them to do it.
Tash hadn't brought any exercise clothes, so she borrowed a hash top from me and walked around in just shorts and jandals. We had to queue up to get them their day passes, and then off we went.

Lucas was grumpy that he didn't get to bring the bikes for him and Ben, but if you are not over 12 years old you can't ride around on your own without an adult. Plus, we couldn't actually fit any bikes in the car anyway with six people, so we just all had to do the walking this time.

Girls zoomed off ahead, and the boys dragged behind... That's them on the picture to the left, the little blue and red dot. We thought they'd never make it!

In front of the Viceroy Hotel:

All done and dusted after 5,5k! Then checking out the F1 cars before going for a quick milkshake at Johnny Rocket as a post-walk treat. Four sweaty and worn out kids.

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