Thursday, 29 May 2014

Out of Brunei behaviour

You will only understand this post if you live or have ever lived in Brunei, or have read my previous blog regularly - but one of the things we need to do when we get out of Brunei, is shop. Big time shop. One of the shops that Tash (and I repeat: Tash) wanted to go to when she came here was... IKEA!

Obvious choice really! They have everything, you don't need to go anywhere else, it's cheap and good value for money.
Tash and the kids has a total of a 90 kg bagage allowance going back, and she's making sure she's utilizing it nicely having bought bed sheets, curtains, lamps etc.

It might seem weird to people who live in places where there is proper shopping, that you would be prepared to lug all this all across the world; but for our peeps in Brunei, this is completely normal out-of-Brunei behaviour! (Especially when your husband doesn't go shopping with you otherwise... ;)

No visit to IKEA would be complete without a hot dog combo and a soft ice after job well done!

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  1. I actually getting excited movoibg back to uk for that reason..... shopping in ikea. And we have to kit out a whoke house from scratch. Yeah!