Thursday, 1 May 2014

At the Breakwater

Yesterday it was time to do the (long...) drive into the center of Abu Dhabi, and show Mormor and Morfar the famous Corniche, and Abu Dhabi skyline.
I have a feeling I wont be going in here much, for anything else really than very specific things or happenings, or unless we have guests. We have everything we need close by in "our" own area, plus it takes about half an hour to drive all the way in, and that's if there is no traffic. Yesterday we did though, because it is really beautiful downtown.

We started by having a quick walk about and lunch in the big Marina Mall.

We just wanted to check quickly what was in the high tower, but the elevator only had two stops - ground floor, and top floor! And... it went on the outside of the building!

My Mum is not that keen on heights. 100m up in an elevator with glass walls, she wasn't all that happy... Safe to say, we didn't stop for a coffee in the 360 degrees café at the top!

We also visited the Heritage Village, which is also situated at the Breakwater. Linnea had been there on a school trip last week, so she had told us all about it.

We could walk around and get a peek into the old houses and see how people used to live in the past, how they constructed their palm and other houses, old fishing villages, traditional souks, mud brick houses and a traditional mosque.

Although this house seemed pretty modern, with aircon units and all! I did like the little hanging bassinet though.

There was a number of stalls for everything from leather and glass to pottery and weaving. We could also see how the craftsmen work to make different kinds of art works.

Lush gardens with trickling fountains, and we even saw some little ducklings!

From the Main Stage, there was great views of the Abu Dhabi skyline opposite.

We could also get nice pictures of this huge flag, which is situated out here at the end of the Breakwater. Back in 2002 when erected, this was the world's tallest flag pole with 123m. (The current tallest one is 165m and placed in Tajikistan).

Beautiful beach and such blue water. Made me want to go for a swim, especially in this heat. I don't know how I'll survive until school is out at the end of June, it's only getting hotter.

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