Friday, 23 May 2014

The never ending chores

Ironing is just about the only household chore I actually don't mind. Well that, and washing the clothes, but turning on the washing machine is not exactly neither hard nor time consuming; plus I love hanging laundry, especially outside in Sweden or NZ!

When I was an Au Pair in Paris many moons ago, the family I worked for had six (!) kids, and I spend every Monday morning between 8am-12pm ironing all the kids' clothes, downstairs in the laundry in their basement. It became my quiet sanctuary away from all the noise and craziness! I used to love being down there all by myself.

"Loving it" might be exaggerating a bit nowadays, the downside with household chores is that you are never done, ha ha, it's truly such a never ending job and one that I haven't had to do for the last seven years at all. I'm happy Nathan can leave all his uniform shirts at the dry cleaners here for free, and I do try hard not to buy anything in a material impossible to iron (then it'll only get used once ever!). But, I actually don't mind ironing too much.
I mostly do it when I'm on my own so that I can choose what's on TV in the meantime - American Idol seems to work really well!

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