Tuesday, 30 August 2022

Solo back to school

First day of school today, of the 2022/2023 school year. First year in the Diploma Program for this one, Grade 11. That means new uniform, black trousers and a shirt with black piping instead of green.

We all found it a bit weird that she was on her own going to school this morning. Only two more years, and she is flown too! Gotta enjoy them!

Sunday, 28 August 2022

We're back

Yes, we are back in the land of sand - and masks... and regular PCR-tests... Aaaaargghhh...
Are we the only ones still keeping up with this by now?! It feels so bizarre after spending the whole summer in several countries, where there are no restrictions whatsoever anymore. 

I guess we will just have to suck it up for the time being, and hope for positive changes, soon.

Grown and flown

As Linnea and I packed our suitcases to close up our summer holidays and go back home to Nathan, this time we left Lucas behind. It was time to say goodbye, but not goodbye like many times before - a big goodbye, until, I don't actually know when!
This process of having a kid leaving home has been a bit different for us, as it hasn't been a long and slow process. Most young people who move out just go somewhere else close by, or at least stay in the same country - or even continent! Sure, we knew it was coming, but it still felt like quite a blunt, abrupt ending; in a way, to his whole childhood.
He's now off to do his own thing, live his own life!

I tried to put on a smile while I hugged him (as long and hard as I could) and wished him all the good-luck-be-good-stay-safe-have-fun. It all got too emotional for this Mummy, I am the nostalgic and sentimental type after all.

We are missing him lots back home, but we are so proud of him and are so excited to see where life will take him!

He's so lucky to get to borrow and live in this little annex in a friend's garden to start with. A home away from home, with a fabulous safety net of all our friends around Skåne and Copenhagen looking after him for us, if he needs to!

A space to call his own, with all that he needs. At the moment he doesn't have much "stuff", but Nathan is planning to go see him for his leave in September, and will bring him some more things from here then.

So, our first baby is grown and flown.
At least - there is Zoom and WhatsApp, and easy ways to keep in touch. Even though it will be longer than before, this goodbye is not forever. ♡♡♡

Thursday, 25 August 2022

Discovering Malmö

We spent the last few days of the holidays moving Lucas into his new little house, helping him with some admin and discover Malmö a bit.

This week it was Introduction Week for international students at the university, so Lucas took the opportunity to join in at some of the presentations, and meet other students. I got so happy when he text me to say he was going to grab some lunch together with some new friends, at least I certainly don't have to worry about him socially.

He is signed up for business studies (in English) at the Malmö University. Exciting!

While in Malmö we stayed with Pia and family. Although school had started already for Sofie, Emma had another friend visiting, and Pia was at work. So Linnea and I amused ourselves during the day when everyone else were busy, lucky they live close to Emporia!

There we go, it'll be interesting to see how Lucas feels that he fits in after he gets settled. He got a good start, Malmö showed itself from its best side in gorgeous sunshine while we were there. Although we realised the kids have NEVER been to Scandinavia in the autumn, in their life! So I guess it will be an "interesting" experience when the darkness, the wind, the rain and the soggy, grey days arrive later in the fall... he he...

Monday, 22 August 2022

Pinchos for the win

Kids had been angling for a visit to Pinchos and we had promised them we would go on the last night, so promise kept! Pinchos is always a good idea! The small portions are deceitful though, we ordered far too much food!

The following day it was time to bid farewell to Mormor and Morfar for this summer, and get on with yet another road trip south bound, down to Helsingborg and onwards to Malmö with the train, for the last part of our holidays.

 Bye bye, see you soon! Thank you for this time! ♡

Sunday, 21 August 2022

At the plant market

One of the things Mormor looked forward to was going to the yearly plant market hosted not far from us this year, by the big garden association Trädgårdsamatörerna. She was going to bring my aunt Tina and her friend Viola, but after they had talked about the rush at opening and how people were usually found fighting over plants, I wanted to come along to see this spectacle!

Although this was the queue before opening, in front of the entrance...

... which continued behind us down towards the buses (!) that had arrived...

There was actually nobody running, or pushing and no need for the brass knuckles we had joked about. Everyone was behaving disappointingly well, ha ha!

We participated in the lottery, Mormor had 3 wins out of her 4 attempts, and I had one win on my five. Not bad though!

It was a really lovely day, so the market was full of people. Many like me seemed to mostly look forward to the fika break, cause the lane for the coffee was actually the longest! But worth it, om nom nom!

Thursday, 18 August 2022


We had the pleasure to be able to hang out with Sixten over three days this time. Because the weather was hot, we went to Skärv for a swim one afternoon, to Skövde to swim in the Swimming Hall there another morning, since they have slides and stuff; and then we met at my aunt Tinas for fika as well.

Sixten is a big fan of his "big cousins" (we haven't quite explained the concept of them being second cousins, no biggie), and apparently brags about them, and about how tall they are (ha ha) to his friends. The kids are big fans of his too, they play so nicely with him.

Although he wasn't a fan of playing too rough, here when Lucas put him on his shoulders he was shouting "I don't love heights!", as he held on to Lucas' face for dear life, ha ha!

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Ullared again!

It was time for another Ullared-trip! People scoff sometimes when I say that's one of our highlights of the summer, but we enjoy it. It had been a long time since last time we were there, since there was no chance I would go during the worst Covid-summers. Now, it was time!

We stopped at the usual place, by the lake just before reaching the big (actually the largest department store in Scandinavia) shop, to have a quick coffee break; and to feed the ducks.

There is a system to shopping at Ullared. For example, it's really important you remember which number your cart has, in case you loose it..!

Linnea had really looked forward to today, she loves quantity and gets a lot for her money here. She bought little trinkets, mostly make-up stuff and such things, but also gifts and phone accessories etc.
Even Lucas took the prospect of an all-afternoon shopping stop in his stride. We were actually mostly there for him, he got his own duvet, towels, sheets, an iron and other things for his new digs.

At the shopping cart parking about halfway through, time for lunch!

A successful trip indeed! We were all done and dusted, lunch- and coffee breaks included, in about six hours! That's a record, we were super efficient! And, I didn't get carried away and buy tons of stuff I didn't need this time (just because it's so cheap). I was really reasonable, but did get some new board games, a puzzle, a new phone cover, a gift or two, a handbag and a new nightie.

Sunday, 14 August 2022

It's always sunny in Karlstad

There is a saying in Sweden, that it's always sunny in Karlstad. This particular weekend it was certainly true - we had absolutely fantastic weather! Full on sunshine, every day!
It was time for the yearly meet-up between Anna, Linda and I - and all the kids. This year we were missing Cameron though, as he had been passing through Sweden with some mates earlier in the summer instead.

We spent most of the weekend swimming. Linda had moved house and is now in Grums, so this favourite spot of ours from previous years, came to really good use. Everyone got in the water, some more than others, and we also played volleyball and had picnics.

We also went to another spot, along the Fryken lake, to swim one day. So so so beautiful!

Even though it was glorious weather, we had to go back to Panikfabriken for some more laser tag! A favourite amongst both the young and the old!

And one morning before anyone else was awake, the Mums snuck out and had a few hours by the beach, all by themselves!

This is life! Sun, blue skies, greenery and best friends!

We established though that this weekend was probably the last time we meet up like this, on these conditions. Especially the boys have grown so big now, and want to do their own things and hang out in their own way. With Lucas moving up to Scandinavia now, they will be able to do just that, and continue to grow their friendships seeing each other more often.

Anna, Linda and I are rock solid of course, and looking forward to only grown-up time next summer, wii-hoo!
Hopefully we can find some way for the girls too by then, to keep hanging out as well, even if it's not like this next time.


Thank you guys for a great weekend!

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Summer in Stenum

A summer stay in Stenum pretty much involves the same thing every summer. A lot of excursions to the neighbouring cities for doing different errands, and for fun. Like going to Lidköping and having Klings ice cream on the square:

Baking, one of Linnea's favourite things:

I usually go on daily walks, although this year not so much. I actually don't know why! I had nice company on one of my walks though. A few days before our actually anniversary date we went passed our church:

A lot of fika! This was in Falköping on the actual wedding anniversary, when Nathan had already gone back to Abu Dhabi.

Mormor taking advantage of Lucas' height to help out around the garden:

In the meantime, enjoying all the treasures of the garden. To me this is absolute luxury, to be able to go out and pick berries or harvest cucumbers, tomatoes or salad and put it all straight on the dinner table:

Not to forget the treasures of the forest, this year as well we managed to find enough chanterelles to make a yummy toast for Mormor and I (the only takers):

And even though we didn't have a much rain this summer, we still spend a lot of time playing board games, and doing puzzles. That is also very much included in the components that make up summer in Stenum.