Saturday, 24 March 2018

School photos 2017-2018

It's that time of the year, school photos are out!
School changed photographer this year, and while we had many funny and slightly "alternative" poses to chose from we went with the more traditional school photo look.

Here's Lucas, Grade 8:

And Linnea, Grade 6:

Friday, 23 March 2018

Grateful 🙏

So far with my Apollo tours there have been quite a few upstart issues and since I'm the front person with the guests I am the one who has to solve every problem.
There has been everything from buses driving to the wrong hotel, being delayed and leaving guests behind at pickup, to routes being changed last minute and guests who don't understand Scandinavian so I have to guide in English too.
Sometimes I feel like I have to do many different jobs at once; apart from the guiding I also need to be the pickup planner, the secretary on the phone coordinating, translator (I did one tour in Danish, English AND Swedish) and also the GPS as the drivers often come from Dubai and can't find their way...
But I LOVE it.

I take huge pride in my job and go to great lengths to make sure each and every one of the guests have a fantastic day and come away with lovely memories of our amazing Abu Dhabi.
So it is truly lovely to receive feedback like this one below an email sent to the Apollo office, specifically about the Abu Dhabi City Tour:

(= "Hi, We have just come back from our fantastic holiday in Dubai. During our vacation we chose to participate in an excursion to Abu Dhabi and we can't not describe with words the amazing experience we got from your guide in Abu Dhabi, Boel Watson.
She is a guide who really put 100% into an unforgettable tour, she was so good at telling us about the cultural traditions and the history. On the tour there was also an elderly lady she looked after really well, and she guided in Swedish for the Swedes so they didn't feel left out.
Boel is full of initiative, sweet and caring.
We think she should get praise for the amazing job she does.")

Oh, how it makes me happy to read that my hard work pays off, and the guests had such a lovely day!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Spring Cooking Class

My German neighbour and friend (and also Thermomix-consultant) Karin and I went to Dubai yesterday for a Spring Cooking Class at the Thermomix HQ. Luckily their office is situated this end of Dubai in the Al Barsha area, so it only took us just about an hour to get there from ours.

It was really nice to see someone else use the Thermomix, and get introduced to a few new recipes; it started smelling really nice in the kitchen really fast and I got so hungry! The Thermomix ladies cooked up a storm, and showed us seven different recipes, and a crafty way of preparing Easter themed eggs.

My favourite was the bread with walnuts and blue cheese which surprisingly was really tasty; the roasted pepper dip which had a lovely sting to it - and the desserts, of course! Always!

A nice morning!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Red carpet event

Last night Linda and I took part in a red carpet event at Vox Cinemas at Yas Mall, their very first 'Ladies Night Movie Night'. The ticket package deal included the movie, popcorn, snacks, a drink and even a goodie bag! We got greeted on arrival to the theater with a big balloon arch and the red carpet:

Also by "paparazzis" taking our photo of course, as we walked said red carpet!

Before the screening of the movie, there was a chance to mingle a bit a glass of "bubbly"; and get introduced to some products from their partners/sponsors - Body Shop and Lush. 

The event was scheduled to start rather late in the evening for being a work/school night, and since the movie was quite long I really felt like I had been out on the town by the time I got back home not long before midnight..!
We saw 'Red Sparrow', with an ok story line and great performance by Jennifer Lawrence, but with a little bit too much violence, sexism, blood and gore for my taste.

Anyway, it was fun to do something different on a school night than just slouch on the sofa...

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Time for brunch!

Mormor and Morfar really ended their stay this time on a high, going for a fancy Friday Brunch at the Fairmont in the afternoon before flying out that night.

It had a St Patricks Day theme this time, so the decorations and welcome drinks were all green.

So much delicious foooooooood...:

The only plate I remembered to photograph, the first one, ha ha! After that I got far too busy just enjoying the food - let's just say there were many more plates after this one!

Fancy looking red, green and black burger buns for the beef burgers:

Oysters and caviar...

 Now that's a buffalo mozzarella!

Apparently the smoked beef ribs were a huge winner. I didn't try them, I was already too full by the time I reached that station...

Just a few of the desserts...

We also tried some of the mocktails:

A great afternoon to end a great visit! So many lovely memories created!
Thank you for coming to see us! ❤️

Home life

In between all our excursions and adventures this past week, Mormor and Morfar also had time to spend at home, doing a few "normal" things, with the kids.

Mormor and Linnea did some baking, Linnea's absolute favourite thing:

Lucas had a school project presentation to prepare, which turned out really great; mostly thanks to Daddy's idea of applying hinges to it..!

We also finally broke out the puzzle I got from the in-laws for Christmas. I'm glad it ended up, as per usual, being a team work because it sure was a tricky one! (No, haven't finished it yet..!)