Thursday, 1 May 2014

Going shopping

In Brunei grocery shopping was such a bore. Not only because a round trip to the supermarket would take me at least 1 1/2 h with the drive there and back, the time it would take to find a park, and the shopping itself - but also because the supermarket was anything but well stocked.
Quite often we had f.e no crème fraîche, no yoghurt or even fresh milk; bananas and rocket salad were items you were lucky if you could find; and trying out new recipes nearly always failed because you were never able to get everything you needed.
Here it's a completely different story! I LOVE going grocery shopping here!

Sure, food is still expensive, especially fruit and vegetables since a lot of it is imported. Meat is very expensive as well, but - at least... we can get it!!
We can get tons of different kinds of cheese, lots of fresh juices and yoghurts and many different kinds of fresh bread; and we have a multitude of choices when it comes to pasta, and cereal, and lunchbox snacks and of any other produce and product. Also because of the many different nationalities living here, the products are not just British, but we can find many American/Canadian, French and Australian brands on the shelves. Even Swedish "Kaviar"!
We get the best of every country!

Today we went to one of the big Carrefour Hypermarts to shop for dinner for tonight. As a visitor it's always interesting to go to the local supermarkets, to check out the specials. Mormor and Morfar especially liked the delicatessen and the spices corner:

We also went to 'Max' for lunch. 'Max' is Swedish, and Mormor and Morfar thought it would be fun to try their favourite burger joint, out here in the Middle East.
Verdict was that it tasted the same (minus the bacon of course!), and the menu was only a third of the price of the same menu in Sweden!

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  1. Det är sån skillnad att handla mat när det finns mycket att välja på!