Friday, 29 October 2021

Another week done and dusted

What a whirlwind of a week and I am NOT complaining - I LOVE it!
It feels like some has finally found the on-button for this carousel called life again, and it's slowly started to turn. Just about in the right speed at the moment, to get used to it all again. But if it was up to me it could go even a little bit faster, I just enjoy everything going on right now so much!

This week I have played another Americano padel tournament, and some Tuesday-padel too. Sunday morning was a bit warm, but still ok; but the weather Tuesday night was absolutely perfect, great temperature, no sun, small breeze, aaahhh!
I have done two tours at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, and as the museum has been busy rotating tons of artwork, I have been busy in between reading up on all the new things we have now on display. Massive, massive job, which in a way is never-ending - but just the type of reading I like! So many lovely new interesting pieces to incorporate into my future tours!


I have also been to the hairdresser, and decorated the house ever so slightly for this Halloween weekend. The kids don't really care anymore, but I bought a gorgeous handmade bat-decoration off a lady who runs her own business. It's always great to support small businesses, and isn't it absolutely adorable..?

Kids have hung out with some friends, now it's the weekend so we are taking it easy. I have another tour tomorrow, and also I should try and get on with my Women and Surrealism UNI-exam which is due next week...

We have also been eating really good food this week:
Chili and ginger chicken with two beans
Lemon butter cod with potatoes and green salad
Lamb and zucchini couscous
Steak taco salad with lime dressing
Poke bowl with chicken

Sunday, 24 October 2021


We had a relaxing week off indeed, just like we wanted. At least three of us, Nathan has been working every day... As per usual, when the kids are off... *sigh*.

The first Friday and Saturday we were just at home. Last Sunday Linnea hung out with a friend and Lucas went to Ferrari World with his friend Valle, while Petra, Lovis and I browsed Yas Mall. Monday saw us visit the Expo2020 and on Tuesday Linnea spent the whole day with her friend Kashmira, and Lucas went out with his friend Yazan for dinner.
Wednesday Linnea had her birthday celebrations, with an ice rink session, pizza and donuts; and on her actual birthday on Thursday we celebrated her in the morning and in the evening.

Friday and Saturday we went up to Dubai, again, to see our friends the Dehlis. It had been too long, almost two years (!) since last time, so it was way overdue! Malthe was here on holiday from his boarding in Denmark, so it was a great reunion for all. Apart for Nathan, Freddie was working, so he hung out with Louie!

How they all have grown! It's crazy! ALL the kids are now taller than me - even Ida at 12 years old!
So happy to still have them here in the same country - especially now when it is easier to catch up and go see each other again!

Food has been very relaxed too this week, we have mostly been eating out, had take-away and left-overs. But I did cook two meals: Pulled pork and Pasta Putanesca.

Now we are ready to get on with the next seven weeks which will take us into the Christmas Holidays! Bring it!

Friday, 22 October 2021

Sweet Sixteen

Here are some photos from the past few days of celebrations for our Sweet Sixteen. She started by hanging out with a few of her friends at the ZSC ice rink on Wednesday:

Tra la-la-la-la la-la-la-la
Happy Birthday sweet sixteen!
Tra la-la-la-la la-la-la-la
Happy Birthday sweet sixteen!

Donuts for "cake", as per tradition. A whole mountain this time made for lots of choice!

Birthday morning, balloons, singing and lots of gifts!
An Instax camera, a Joey-figurine, a Friends poster, SIMS-packs, earrings, a cap, some fancy starry lights for her room - and an Apple Watch (whenever it comes in stock).

Birthday pancakes for breakfast!
As Nathan was working the rest of us just spent the day at home. Linnea installed her new lights, and played her new SIMS-packs.

In the evening we went out for dinner to celebrate, sushi on the birthday girls request. It was really fresh and yummy, and they surprised Linnea with a cake and a birthday song from the waiters!

If I should smile with sweet surprise
It's just that you've grown up before my eyes
You've turned into the prettiest girl I've ever seen
Happy birthday sweet sixteen

Thursday, 21 October 2021

How it started...

How it started... (on another 21st of October, 16 years ago):

... how it's going:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our darling Linnea today!! Hip hourray!!!

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Traveling the world

In lack of travel plans these Midterm Holidays, I took the kids up to the Expo2020 yesterday for a first visit for them. It's only an hour drive away, and students go free all throughout the season, so I guess we will be coming back several more times - it really is a great day out!

We started in the Sustainability part this time as well, and managed to visit quite a few pavilions during our 5,5 hours at the site. Here are "a few" photos! Started by being greeted by Opti, one of the friendly robots that roam the Expo site:

We had to visit Sweden of course, it's right by the entrance of the Sustainability part, which makes it a good first stop:

Then we entered Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion itself, situated smack bang in the middle of the district. I missed this last time so was very excited. First we started by walking through the Wadi and the Courtyard, where we learnt about the science of our planet through huge installations inspired by fairground attractions:

Then we went down the two immersive paths, first the ocean path, very, very cool!

And then the forest path, also incredibly impressive! I will come back to this pavilion for more exploration for sure, impossible to experience it all in one go!

Of course we went to the Kiwi pavilion:

Spain, which apart from having this very cool staircase, also focused a lot on their age-old ties to the Arab world. Really interesting read.

Italy, which showcases both education, culture and science.

Admired the 3D-printed replica of the famous David sculpture by Michelangelo:

We took a little trip on one of the yellow Expo Explorer trains, thinking it would give us a bit of an overall overview. It went way to slowly for us (because there was just so many people) so we jumped off again as soon as we could, and continued walking instead.

The Expo site is especially beautiful at night I think, when all the lights come on!

The Luxembourg pavilion, super cool design based on the Möbious strip, and - with a 21 m tall slide on the inside!

We went to the Brunei pavilion, and they were so happy to hear that we had lived there, so we had a long chat with them! Felt like coming home, lots of familiar pictures exhibited!

We happened to walk by the China pavilion just as their light- and drone show was about to start. Oh my, we really are living in the future..! This. Was. The. Most. Amazing. Experience. I have no words... I just stood there looking up, with my mouth open - super impressive!

Can you see what this is, ears and all..?

The Expo fountain was also extra impressive at night, with all the lights and the music, so different to the daytime experience I had last time:

In the evening the crowds arrived and the queues to enter the most popular pavilions got quite long. On our way back out to the parking, we managed to visit one last pavilion for the day - the Dutch pavilion. It took us inside this cone-shaped vertical farm, where we enjoyed a multi-sensory show displayed on our umbrellas! Very innovative!

We had a fab day at the Expo2020! We are all already looking forward to our next visit, making lists on the pavilions we must see next time. There is just sooo much to explore - will six months opening be enough..?