Saturday, 10 May 2014

A taste of "the real world"

We had a full-time maid in Brunei and the plan is to find one here too. I miss the flexibility it gave us (since we didn't have family around to help), and the built-in babysitter which meant we could hit the movies at a moments notice, or do things together in the evenings and always still have that extra adult at home with the kids.
Although we've almost been here two months already, and I must say I'm kind of enjoying, just a little bit, not having one at the moment. It's nice just being us in the house, especially since this house is much smaller than our previous one.

Sure, the house isn't as tidy or clean as it could be, but I'm kind of on top of it. I also actually kind of enjoy doing the washing (mostly thanks to the flash washing machine!), but the cooking is really not my thing. It's mostly the time issue. Cooking demands so much planning, food prep etc. and takes up so much of my time. Time that I could use doing other things (the kids' homework f.e).

Anyway, finding a good maid is proving to be a bit tricky here. I haven't clicked with any of the ones I have interviewed so far, so we are starting to wonder if it's actually any point hiring someone new before the summer holidays. We have long holidays here, and the kids and I will mostly be away. (Nathan will get by with using a cleaning company if need be, at least there will be no babysitting issues without us here.) We might just wait.

It's also been a super experience for the kids to see (and hear, they keep complaining when I vacuum, something that was previously always done when they were at school, that it's too noisy!) what actually needs to be done to keep the house clean and tidy etc. Even though I'm a stay-at-home Mum, it's not just my job, but a team job, there are jobs for everyone.
It has been a bit of an awakening for them, and it has involved quite a lot of moaning - but today as his helpful chore, Lucas did the dishes, and Linnea emptied out the washing machine!
Baby steps, but we are getting there, working our way through all the household chores! :)

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  1. What? Enjoy doing the washing???? Din galning:D