Friday, 30 September 2022


Last night I drove up to Dubai together with a few other ladies from Abu Dhabi to join in the SwedishLadies 'Räkfrossa'-party (= prawns galore!). It was organised at the Swedish restaurant Ellas Eatery out on the palm, where I had never been before. Really pretty surroundings!

On the menu was not only the prawns, but Västerbottenpaj and other Swedish delicacies. We ate and ate and ate, yum!

18 happy ladies catching up after the summer, lots of laughter and giggles!

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

The Loosening

So, there was a big media briefing on Monday which finally brought some long expected changes in the Covid-restrictions here in the UAE. Finally! Finally! Finally!
From today, the quarantine time if you test positive is brought short to five days and if you only are close contact you don't need to quarantine; but most importantly:

NO. MORE. MASKS. Yaaaaayyyyy!

Well, unless you work in the health sector or the F&B sector or use public transport. You also need to still wear a mask when visiting medical facilities or places of worship. So we are not completely back to normal, just yet.
Still, I'm so happy, especially for Linnea and all the rest of the school kids who will now be able to see each others faces and share smiles, for the first time in over TWO AND A HALF YEARS!

And I have to dig out some lipstick now, for when I go to work next! Ooohh!

Unfortunately the PCR-tests didn't get removed, the validity just got extended to 30 days. It doesn't matter much for our daily life here, but it sure matters for tourists. Many are those who decide to go to another destination for their holiday, instead of mucking around with those tests just to come here.
Ah well, at least "The Loosening" as they have labeled this process, have now started. Hopefully the removal of the PCR-requirement will follow soon too.

Such a coincidence that this announcement came 1000 days after the WHO reported the first Covid-19 case in December 2019. Finally though, finally!

Sunday, 25 September 2022


These past few weeks I have spent quite a few days at the museum, using the downtime that is "Slow September" doing further training in different fields. The tourism season hasn't quite kicked in yet, so we are using our time to deepen our knowledge and upskill ourselves.

For example we have had a couple of sessions with a curator from Musée National des Arts Asiatiques Guimet in Paris, around the subjects of Chinese writing, and ceramics. I surprisingly enjoyed immersing myself in all things pottery, stoneware and porcelain. So I really took the opportunity to absorb all the in-depth information and detail the curator had to share. One thing she covered was all the different glazing, by for example using these Tang dynasty funerary figures, so called mingqi to illustrate the Sancai glaze:

We also learned more about this green coloured celadon glaze on different pieces of stoneware; and we looked closer at this blueish-white incense burner with red decorations, made with copper oxide.

On the theme of ceramics, we were also invited one afternoon into the Conservation Lab at the museum, to get an introduction into their work. Currently they are working on restoring a plate from RAK, and we got to know more about that process. Really, really interesting - and I look forward to having this plate back in the galleries eventually, as it will so much more fun to talk about it having seen the restoration happen in real time!

Finally we have also been building on our soft skills, having had some training on how to mediate the school tours. This was done both theoretically but also in the galleries with some role play - always fun!

Now I can't wait to welcome both students and other visitors to the museum. I am so excited to bring all these new skills and new knowledge into my tours, in all the different ways!

Saturday, 24 September 2022


The flag is hoisted at Thomas house, in honour of Nathans birthday! It looks like they have gloomy weather, but that doesn't stop the celebrations!
Having a great time in Copenhagen, I'm sure this birthday will be a special one for him! (And I'm glad to see that the mustache is finally gone...)

It's been a busy week! Actually it's a great idea to turn up in September, as everybody is in town then and not away on holidays. Nathan has managed to catch up with a lot of our friends, and Lucas of course have tagged along.

In between they have had a great time at Thomas' house, with Lucas' new family.

Friends also came over from Norway, and Sweden!

Wish I was there too!
Happy Birthday Sweety!

Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Halfway point

We are about halfway through what I usually call 'Sad September', as I usually feel rather down this time of the year. Although this year it all feels quite different. It's actually been rather busy, so I haven't had time to be too sad, nor about September - not even about Lucas not being here.
For sure it has created a new dynamic just being the three of us in the house, and sometimes it feels like Lucas is just up in his room, or out with friends. We do miss him lots obviously, but we are at the same time so excited for him and this new life he is creating for himself.

We love hearing from him about all the things that he is up to and we are cheering him on each step he takes towards his independence. I can tell you - he is certainly growing and advancing fast!
Uni has started with a bang but he seems to be on top of it all really nicely, and most importantly - he seems to be enjoying his course. He has got himself a job at a Brewpub/Restaurant where he can work a few shifts a week to get some extra pocket money. He has met and befriended new people, and have been out and about just living life, and seems to have lots going on. Oh to be young again..!

Linnea has really got on top of her school work for DP already from day 1, which is a great. The fall term always seem a bit heavier with new subjects, teachers, routines and class mates, and less holidays to interrupt the flow. So it's a good thing she so intent on staying focused, she's really off to a good start.

Not only have I been up at the Louvre Abu Dhabi working already quite a few days this month, but we have a new temporary exhibition coming up in less than a month, so I have plenty of study material to go through for that.
There really is no time to sit around and be bored!
But as any good procrastinator, having this studying hanging over me, has made me start other projects around the house as well... We have for example cleared out, tidied and reorganised all the office drawers, the kitchen and the storage room. Next is Lucas room.

Nathan is off up to Scandinavia soon for a weeks holiday, to catch up with Lucas and bring him some more of his things. Namely his warm jacket, some beanies, scarves and mittens to prepare for the cold..!
This September it's actually all going on!

Sunday, 4 September 2022

Hello beautiful!

Yes, I have missed it throughout the summer, I have! Missed what?
Look, there she is in all her beauty!

I was back to the Louvre Abu Dhabi today, for the first day after two months away.
I feel very lucky having this job at the museum. Otherwise I wouldn't be working until probably the last week of October or so; when the tourists normally start to come. Thanks to this job, I now have work throughout the whole year, even in May, June and September - months that normally are completely dead.

Unfortunately today there was no pre-booked tours to deliver, and nobody came last minute either; so no tours today. Instead I had plenty of time to browse the galleries and take note of all the new rotations, and got ample time to study and research for the upcoming Impressionist-exhibition. So all good.
I had brought some Swedish goodies to share with my colleagues:

I am so excited for the season to come!

Thursday, 1 September 2022

Happy 15th!

I almost forgot - it's the blog birthday today! I only remembered as I got flashed some 'Memories' on Facebook. The blog is turning FIFTEEN!!! Can you believe it?!

I've been musing regularly for fifteen years now, about our daily life, the ups and downs, the big happenings and the small ones..! I am so happy to have this record, of all the best photos, and all the best stories! And as you might know, not only on the web, but every school year gets printed out as a book!

It ended up being per school year, as I started on the 1st of September, pretty much at the same time as school. Just random really, but now it suits rather well.

So how long will I go on? I don't know. For as long as I enjoy it, as I do write it mostly for myself! At least until Linnea leaves home as well I think. Like that, I have covered almost all of their childhood, and it will be a fantastic gift for them to look back at when they get their own kids.

For the first seven years the blog had another name (obviously, since we lived in another place) - Life in Brunei. If you are keen on reading how it all started, click away here and enjoy a blast from the past..!

1 September 2022 Covid status

It is so so depressing to get back, for the third summer in a row now, to restrictions and masks. This time more than before, as it feels like Abu Dhabi is the only place that still demands fortnightly PCR-tests together with mandated mask wear (indoors). I certainly hope that the rules will change here too soon, with the new tourist season just around the corner - otherwise it will be another slow one for sure.

In good news, the day we left for summer holidays, UAE had 1778 new cases, and we are now down to only 481. The curve is pointing the right way for sure!

Today's numbers in the UAE:
* 481 new cases, from 260,132 tests
* 0 new deaths. Total death toll 2,341
* Total cases in the UAE 1,015,879