Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Yas x 2

I've been in full on exercise mode today!
This morning I went to the CrossFit gym at Yas and did a really tough workout (well, at the moment all WODs are tough for me!):
- Sprint one lap of upstairs, then AMRAP burpees for the rest of the minute/Rest 1 minute x 5 times.
- 1 bear complex/5 sit-ups... 2 bear complex/10 sit-ups... 3 bear complex/15 sit-ups... etc for 10 mins.
- 50 knee lifts
- 50 wall balls
- 50 box jumps

And this evening, my friend Pia and I took on the Yas circuit and power walked the 5,5k around the track! It was rather nice, the temperature has dropped slightly and the breeze that comes through is almost a bit cooling..!

Now - sofa, tea and TV!

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