Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The first birthday

Well, actually it's the FORTY-first birthday for that special someone today, but it's the first one that gets celebrated here in our new home! So, the kids and I had to figure out where to best hang our traditional birthday banner this morning...

Poor Daddy, this birthday will not really go down as the most fun birthday in history though.
He flew last night and landed just in time this morning to make it home and get birthday hugs from the three of us, before we set off to school and a board meeting for Swedish School. He then only just got a couple of hours of sleep before having to show up at school for a "First Impressions Meeting" with Lucas' classroom teacher at 11 o'clock.
Still tired, we did go for a lovely, healthy lunch at Nolus, a restaurant which is becoming a firm favourite of mine - and then it was back to Raha for the same kind of meeting with Linnea's teacher.

We did celebrate him properly tonight with pizza, presents and birthday cake, after we got back from Swedish School:

And then, slightly sleep deprived from the last nights flying, he went to bed at the same time as the kids... zzzzzz...

Ah well, we will celebrate him a bit more this Friday when we are all going to the world's most expensive hotel, the 7 star Emirates Palace downtown, to see this show:


It'll be great!

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