Monday, 1 September 2014

A good day

Well kids came out of their class rooms still smiling and totally buzzing earlier today, they had both had a really lovely day.

Of course initially we only got a "-Good" from Lucas, when we asked how the day had been. He later also told us he had learned how to say 'I need the toilet' in American sign language. Ok..? (It's like this by the way →)

Linnea on the other hand came home and told us her teacher's whole life story, basically. It was a never ending stream of information about her age, the age of her siblings, about her love of shoes, about her family and her three baby nieces, about some mountain in Canada that had exploded (?) and threatened her city back home, about how to pronounce her name etc etc...
Well, at least Linnea had been listening very attentively, that's for sure!

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