Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The fun part

I have enjoyed nearly every part of setting up house this time around. Obvioysly it's hard work, but for us this time it was a little bit: "Gör om, gör rätt" (= Do it again, do it right). We have got the house exactly as we wanted it, it looks good, and it's super functional to our specific wishes and needs.
We had discussed every piece of furniture beforehand and we had quite clear thoughts and plans on how we wanted it to look and feel like. I'm pleased that we got it exactly how we wanted it.
So far we have only had one regret and had to redo one purchase - the ironing board. The first one we got was too low... We had to get a second, much taller one.

Now it's down to the fun part, decorating and adding little personal pieces! Here are a few of our latest additions. 
The first being a limited edition print by Swedish artist Lovisa Burfitt, for Barncancerfonden. Nearly all the proceeds from the the sales of these prints go to the cancer research funding. I love it, and it brings a nice pop of colour to our living room! I need to find a non-reflective glass for it though, as where it's mounted, the glare from the windows ruins the view of the print.

I also got a picture ledge put up over my desk to display some nice artwork. From left to right is an old favourite, the Kaj Bojesen monkey we got from our friends in DK for our 10th wedding anniversary. Then there's a new print (that is actually Linnea's, but that I liked so much I hijacked it!) of a linnea flower I bought in Sweden in the summer; a hand glazed tile I received from my Canadian friend Kim when she left Brunei last year and finally a John Bauer print. For now. I have a feeling I will change things around on this shelf quite often.

In the kitchen, I have mounted a week planner, that I made myself! I'm planning on writing on it with removable whiteboard markers, so that each week I can wipe it clean and start again. (I got the idea from this blog.)


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