Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Gold and Diamond Park

My friend Pia used to live in Dubai a few years back. Just recently while talking about jewelery, she told me she knew this great shop in the Gold and Diamond Park, where she used to go back then. The man there would give her amazing service and really good prices.

I got a gold ring this year for my birthday from my parents, that used to belong to my Grandmother. I was told I could make it into a piece of jewelery, as long as I didn't erase the inscription. Hence, I couldn't melt it down to make something else, it had to be with the ring shape intact.
I knew straight away I wanted to use it to make a "Kharma necklace". They look something like this:

So, today Pia and I had planned a trip to Dubai, to go and see if the little man in "her" gold shop in the Gold and Diamond Park, could make it for me. Of course he could, and he was fantastic! (And he remembered Pia well, even though she hadn't been for 2 1/2 years! Ha ha!)

Not only did he speak very good English, he understood everything I explained, he asked questions to make sure he got everything right, made the chain and the fixings in less than three hours - and, for about 35% of the price I had been quoted in Sweden!!! He also polished all the other jewelery we were wearing, for free!
Here's the finished result (excuse the silly selfie-look), I'm so, so pleased! It came out exactly as I wanted it, it's absolutely perfect!

Oh my, am I going back there for more! I think I do need some gold bangles, maybe some diamond earrings or a few, a ring or two... hm... :)
Anyway, good to have a place now where I can bring any visitors who would like to buy diamonds and gold, or have something bespoken made, fixed or copied (...)! Fab!

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  1. I L-O-V-E your necklace! What a great idea for how to transform an inherited ring with memories inscribed!