Sunday, 14 September 2014

Throw and go

Today it was time for yet another Shopping Soiree at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. It was an excuse as good as any for my Austrian friend Katrin and I to meet up there for our lunch, and have a little browse around the stalls, before we went downstairs to eat.

We actually didn't buy anything, although we did get stuck at this stall with funky looking shawls for quite a while. Well, they were called something specific, they weren't quite shawls, they were more like a tube that you pulled over your head.

Oh, how I love when people see a need and come up with a stylish solution! These are absolutely perfect in this country, to keep in your bag when the need arises to cover up, for different reasons. So much better than a pashmina that keeps falling off your shoulders, or a cardigan that is too hot.
Yes, I thought these were super clever actually, and the only reason I didn't get one - was because I couldn't decide on which colour!!! (I do regret now, so I'm hoping this lady will return for the next Shopping Soiree!)

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