Sunday, 14 September 2014

Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition

Prepare for a photo bomb!
Yesterday the kids and I went to something really cool: The Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, ADIHEX.
I thought we were going to have to miss it, since we were going to be away in Dubai for most of the weekend. But since it was open until 10pm last night, and we had decided to drive back from Dubai while it was still daylight - I made a quick decision to pass by there before going home.

I thought it would be a good learning experience for the kids and worth the late night, even though it was a school night. And was I right or was I right! It was super cool!
A big part of the exhibition showed falcons and all the different accessories they need:

Lots of visitors had brought their own falcons and were walking around with them on their arms, like this man in the background:

We also got to try and hold some, the kids held a white one:

And I held a brown one:

The exhibition was absolutely huge, with both local, regional and international exhibitors. One part of the exhibition was about Arabian horses, and we even found a Swedish booth!

We also saw a fantastic and fascinating demonstration from a guy, on how to control a horse. He showed us the simple commands and movements he use, and it was totally amazing what trust and respect he had built between him and his horse!

They also had had other activities (that we didn't see), like parrot shows, police dog shows, show jumping demonstrations etc.
Another part of the exhibition was more cultural, we saw a performance of some kind of folklore dancing, with swords, and sticks...:

There was lots of different animals on display, horses, camels, birds:

More falcons, rows and rows of them. Linnea wasn't so impressed when she saw how much they had pooped! :)

We found another booth with a connection to Sweden, Karesuando Kniven, which sold Swedish hand made knives:

And a booth with a NZ connection!

We continued into the camping part of the exhibition. Here you could find and purchase any piece of equipment needed for trips into the desert! Pillows, mats and mattresses:

Coolbags and other bags to pack up your equipment:

Teapots etc:

And if you'd rather go "glamping", and be slightly more comfortable; there was also a bunch of camping wagons and camper vans on display. Lucas was mighty impressed and thought Mormor and Morfar should get one of those big ones!

You can see a lot more pictures from the ADIHEX on their Instagram here.
It was a truly special experience, and I'm so glad that we went! We will come back next year again for sure! We did miss the Saluki (a local dog) beauty contest...! :)

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