Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Nordic Crown Bakery

So after we had sorted out our "gold jobs", had got some lunch and done a spot of shopping at the Mall of the Emirates; we went out to the Dubai Marina.
A very cool place where I had never been before. I don't think this part of Dubai was actually even built when I used to stop-over here with Premiair Airways... ehm... those... erm... about 15 (say what?!) years ago.

We weren't coming for the pretty views though, we came for this - the Nordic Crown Bakery. This is the first Scandinavian bakery and café in the Middle East.

Oh yeah baby! Freshly made in house Swedish cakes and cookies, and the coffee served was imported from Sweden - Lindvalls Kaffe. It was hard to choose I'll tell you!

I know it's completely out of season eating "semla" in September, but who cares - it was so yummy!

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  1. Man är ju ju svältfödd på semlor som utlandssvensk, så why not!!