Tuesday, 16 September 2014

RIS Swim Squad

Last Monday there was tryouts for the RIS Swim Squad at the school pool. Linnea was surprisingly keen (she never liked the competitions she took part in in Brunei) and wanted to take part, so of course we went along.

It was soooo hot... I wish I could've jumped in too! Even just standing in the shade is hard work when it's 45 degrees in the middle of the afternoon.

They swam breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle.

Linnea's South African friend Une tried out too.

Today the Squad list was posted up on the notice board, and - ... they both got in! Yay! Linnea was super happy! I have a slight suspicion it might be because now she will need the a new swimsuit, the school swimsuit and cap... She enjoys the shopping, and the "stuff"!

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  1. That is great news. She looks so happy. Ps. the shopping is the most fun part :D