Friday, 26 September 2014

Abu Dhabi Harlequins vs Dubai Hurricanes

This morning we were all out on the fields at Zayed Sports City, for the Lucas first rugby game. The AD Quins were playing the Hurricanes from Dubai. Lucas had picked up his game kit at last nights practice session, looking good!

Zayed Sports City was absolutely buzzing!
We quickly realized we were total rookies as rugby parents!! We did have the folding camping chairs, but no cool bags full of cut up oranges and cold drinks, no thermos with coffee, no big umbrellas or tents... We better sharpen up until next game!

All of the kids got to play at least one game, here's Lucas in a beige helmet:

Here he is... at the bottom of that pile of sweaty boys..!

 Again, with a beige helmet, to the right:

A bit of pep talk at half time:

I think (...) they lost, and Lucas was a bit disappointed he only got to play one game, and he actually only touched the ball once... but hey, he's very new and so is the team line-up I guess. It's a start, and I'm sure he will get many more chances!

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