Sunday, 7 September 2014

Back to the Box

It's been a busy first week of term, settling the kids back in school and getting all the balls rolling, so to speak, with sign-ups and scheduling activities etc. This morning it was time for me to get serious and get back into some kind of exercise. I decided to join a friend of mine at her bootcamp, at the brand new Vogue Fitness gym here on Yas Island.

I've actually joined my friend Cathy and her buddies in one session before, before the summer when it was still held outside in the Yas Marina. Until the temperatures drop a bit more, we will now be inside the gym.
Vogue Fitness have only just this week opened their new Box, and it's a truly amazing facility with a great setup - and what a view!! This is the first CrossFit Box in Abu Dhabi, and they actually had Greg Glassman (the founder of CrossFit) and Dave Castro (the director of the CrossFit Games) visiting this week!

Mind you it's not just a CrossFit Box, it's also a gym/fitness facility and they have many different classes on their schedule, and a big team of trainers consisting of both CrossFit certified coaches, weightlifting coaches, personal trainers and group exercise specialists.
I'm not sure I'm ready to get back to CrossFit just yet, I'm planning on starting out by taking part in the Ladies Only sessions - which I would probably call "CrossFit Light", ha ha! It's surely tough enough! We are doing a lot of the CrossFit functional movements and using the same equipment, but there is also a lot of high intensity interval training, boxing fitness, kettlebell training and circuit training.

Last time I was sore for a week trying to start up... and after this mornings WOD of kettlebell swings, push ups and weighted lunges I already have trouble going down the stairs and moving my arms... I guess it'll be a few days before I'm ready to return! I did jump straight in and sign up for 10 classes though, so I know I have to come back!

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