Monday, 29 September 2014

End Day 2 - getting there

So, here it is at the end of day 2. We're getting there.

The patio is done and tomorrow they will add the grass. Eventually, in the next step (when it's not so hot anymore), we'll add some plants and bushes too. I want pretty, pretty flowers all along the wall to hide the boring brown and make it colourful and nice.

No, it's not the biggest garden in the world, and definitely not somewhere we will be kicking a ball around or make cartwheels, ha ha! But at least, we will now be able to park the BBQ down on the other side of the water tank, and add a big table that seats at least 8 up on the original patio.

It wont be long now before we can start sitting outside in the evenings, and I'm really looking forward to making this outdoor "room" of ours, really, really cosy!

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