Monday, 1 September 2014

Back to school

It was our first "back to school" here in Abu Dhabi. As I said in my previous post, the kids didn't know their teachers beforehand, nor their class mates, so they were both a bit nervous and excited to see the class lists this morning.

Lucas got a teacher that is new to school, a very young and pretty lady from America. She seemed really nice. We recognized some faces from his class from last year, so he seemed happy going into his new class room.

Linnea also got a young woman teacher, from Canada; but she was mostly excited she was in the same class as one of her very best friends from last year, so it was all good there too.

It's a short day today so we are picking them up again just after lunch time. We are looking forward to hearing all about how the first day was! I hope they will both have a great year, Linnea in Grade 3 and Lucas in Grade 5.

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  1. Fine barn du har, Boel! Lykke til med skolestart til Lucas, Linnea og mamman!