Saturday, 13 September 2014

Abu Dhabi Quins

Thursday night marked the start of rugby season here in AD. We had signed Lucas up for the U11 team at the Abu Dhabi Harlequins, and he had been super excited to start. They play proper rugby here, not just touch, and many of his friends play for the Quins as well.

The Junior section alone has about 650 members, ranging from 3 years to 18. I think in Lucas year group they will get separated into at least three different teams eventually.

The coaches are all volunteering parents, but man, they take their jobs seriously! 30s drinks breaks, no mucking about, training started 6pm on the dot and the drills were never ending. Fab!

The training goes on for 1 1/2h every Thursday and Sunday evening, although most people only come on the main training session on Thursdays. I can't wait until the temperatures drop, even at 7pm at night, it is still 35-37 degrees at the moment. Yuk. It was a bit hot sitting on the sideline watching. (I also have to go buy some new camping chairs, cause sitting on that fake grass got a bit prickly...)

Some final wise words for both players and parents before end of session, about the necessary parts of the kit etc. We have now got Lucas some mouth guards and a "helmet", plus fancy, new, neon green rugby boots!

I sure think this first training session met all Lucas' expectations. He seemed to have a really good time with his friends, and already also made some new ones. I have a feeling these Thursday nights will be a good thing, for all of us - it's very social on the sideline! :)

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