Saturday, 27 February 2021

21 - 27th February 2021

Sorry, not sorry - I can't quite let the diary form go, luckily it's my blog and I do what I want with it!

was such a good day! I had a really good padel coaching session in the morning, I think I played better than ever before. Then I joined the 'International Tourist Guide Day' celebrations via Zoom, and after that it was so nice to get to pick the kids up from SCHOOL! Who would've thought that seeing school buses drive around the neighbourhood would bring such joy!
Nathan was at work, Lucas took a nap and Linnea and I popped to Souq Planet to get some more lunch box supplies. Then we had an easy dinner of pasta and sausages.

Monday felt like Tuesday already, as Sunday had been such a long day - in a good way, it was almost like two days in one! I did my exercise and then got stuck into some Uni work. So much that I forgot to go pick up the kids!! Ha ha! Well, Nathan was home too, but both of us got surprised when the phone went at 14.10 with Lucas wondering where I was... Oups!
Steak and veggies for dinner.

Tuesday I sure was on the ball when it came to picking the kids up! Exercise in the morning, only did the minimum on treadmill, no real mojo - and then my LAD Study Group. We have finally got into the "juicy" chapters, where there is just endless things to discuss and highlight!
Nathan went to the track in the evening, and then we had Sloppy Joes for dinner.

Wednesday was a busy day. Nathan was working and I went to padel with the Swedish crew in the morning - there was nine of us playing, so two full courts (and a spare)! Great fun!
After picking the kids up we went straight for their PCR-tests out in Al Bahia. I also got a PCR, from the Mobile Testing Bus which came to the compound!
And in the evening, I dressed up and went to Emirates Palace for a night out at their 'Hakatini Night'. There was actually 15 of us, but as you still only can sit 4 a table, I only kind of talked with Katarina, Susanne and Mi at my table. We enjoyed dim-sum and super tasty cocktails, or mocktails for me, as I was driving.

Thursday Nathan went to work again, and I had another padel game. Good fun as usual, and even in the rain for a bit of it! I didn't stay for coffee as I had another coffee date at the LAD with my colleague Emilie. She hadn't seen the new temporary exhibition yet, so we did a browse through that, then had coffee and chatted for a bit. I did some research in trying to decide for the theme of my big essay coming up, and I think I have finally narrowed it down. I bought the catalogue as I think I'll use some of the artwork from this exhibition for my work.

In the evening the boys took on the drifting experience at the Yas Marina Circuit, as blogged about earlier in the week. I wanted to go out for dinner after, but got voted down and instead there was pizza ordered for the sofa back home (although I opted to have spicy lentil and tomato soup).

Friday morning I had longed for a sleep-in, but I woke up well before 8 am and with a head ache. Duh. Unfortunately I didn't feel all that for much of the day. I drove Lucas to and picked him up from volleyball, but that was about all I was in action all day. I think it might have been a bit of social hangover from an unusually full schedule and lots of new impressions the past few days - not that I am complaining at all!
Nathan was at work and Linnea took a chill day too. Soulful take away for dinner.

Saturday I managed to sleep in at least part 8 am, and started the day without a head ache. Nathan had work, I did my exercise, and then I had promised Linnea to take her to the mall. We ended up spending most of the afternoon, or actually ALL of the afternoon at IKEA and Yas Mall; but we came home with the things we had been looking for, groceries, and sushi and shawarma for dinner.
Then I had an end-of-the-week-bath with some Epsom salts, Swedish TV and a G&T (of course!) before calling it on this week. Bring on the next one!

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