Friday, 19 February 2021

Pink lunch

This week Linda and I wanted to try a new place for lunch that had recently made the rounds on the foodie groups on Facebook, maybe not so much for its menu actually - but its interior. It was all the way in the city, but fun to go somewhere else than our normal haunts.
We were seated in their pink room:

You could also choose to sit in the lounge area:

Or what they called the Royal Room:

Although we found a room which we thought was an even more Royal Room, upstairs:

And art all over the staircase:

Even the garden was gorgeous:

Definitely a very Instagram-friendly place! Food was nothing special, but they had a whole page in their menu with speciality coffees to choose from. I stuck with my Flat White, but photographed Lindas very pretty 'Dior'-latte!

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