Friday, 12 February 2021


I'm sitting here with very conflicting feelings after Linnea got the 1st dose of the Covid-19 vaccine this week; which means that all four in our family are vaccinated now. (Nathan and I have already got the two doses, the kids the first and with the second scheduled 21 days after their respective first shots.)

First - of course it's a good thing!
The UAE have really done a fantastic job with their immunisation drive. We are lucky to be living somewhere where the vaccine has been offered for all, for free.
This past week the UAE have sailed up to first place in the global vaccination race having administrated more doses per 100 people than any other country. We are very near 5 million total vaccine doses, or the equivalent of 49,56 doses per 100 people in total.

But I can't help feeling like we have cut in line... even though I obviously do understand we are not all in the same line. Different countries, different vaccines and vaccination programmes.
It just feels wrong somehow. We are four healthy, young people who have now been vaccinated before my 83-old father (and many, many others around the world), who are still waiting due to the systems in their home countries. Strange mixed feelings.

I guess I should look at it this way - we have done our bit. The faster everyone gets vaccinated, the better for everybody!

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