Sunday, 21 February 2021

A near PCR-experience

As a part of the National Vaccination Programme, there has been random testing carried out in different areas of the emirate during the past many months. They have been canvasing through block by block, mostly in the city but also out here off-island where we are. We've understood that they usually come at night to make sure most people are at home; so I got rather surprised the other morning having just come out of the shower when Nathan told me to hurry up and get dressed and come downstairs, cause they were now at our house.

It was one of the days when Lucas was at school and Linnea at home, but the nurse who was busy setting the testing kit and everything up at our dining table didn't seem faced by the fact that we were missing one family member. She checked our EIDs and we filled out some forms and chit-chatted a bit, but it wasn't until she asked me when I was traveling that it got really confusing.

So, it turned out that she didn't come from the National Vaccination Programme at all, but from one of those private companies you can call if you don't want or can't leave your house for the PCR. Or if you are traveling and need a fast turn-around on your results. She had been booked for our address, so she was in the right place, but the name she had didn't correspond.
Funny that hadn't clicked for her checking our EIDs, but in the end we were just happy that we cleared up the mistake before she poked our noses unnecessarily..!

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