Monday, 1 February 2021

1st February 2021 Covid status

There has been a lot going on this past month, both here and in the world, as the vaccine is being rolled out in most places. I guess from now on this status will also include the amount of people vaccinated.

Let's start with the current numbers:

* 2730 new cases today, from 127,572 tests.
* 4452 new recovered cases. Total death toll 859.
* Total cases in the UAE until now are 306,339, and globally the cases are at 103M+ with 2,2M+ global deaths.

Some more positive numbers are the ones from the UAE Vaccination Program:
* Today only, 106,615 people have been vaccinated. That's currently 34.79% per 100 people, or over 3,4 M doses administered in total. The UAE is hoping to have at least half the population fully vaccinated by next month already.

In the meantime, Sweden passed already over 10,000 deaths in the middle of the month. Although that is not the most surprising news to come out of Sweden at the moment really. It's how slow the vaccination progress is there, it's chocking! (Yesterday in the UAE 220,000 people got the vaccine - compare that with the TOTAL number in Sweden which so far is 248,991 vaccinated. In TOTAL!) The Vaccination Program that has been rolled out here is certainly something the UAE has been doing really well - and fast!

I have had my two jabs, Nathan has had one so far (it needs to be 21 days in between the two inoculations) and Lucas is getting his first tomorrow, as the vaccine is approved from 16 years and up.

The UAE had very high numbers of new cases in the beginning of the month, not surprising at all, considering the amount of tourists that had come to Dubai to spend Christmas and New Year. Unfortunately there is still no transparency when it comes to numbers per emirate, something which would be really interesting considering the difference in approach within this country. The numbers continued to rise for the past three weeks to nearly 4000 new cases per day; until just a few days ago when they started to decline again - and yesterday we were finally back at just under 3000 cases, and today even lower. Phew. Let's hope it'll keep going the right way now.

In the middle of the month not only did the children find out, less than 24h before they were supposed to return to face-to-face school, that e-learning was extended another three weeks; but Abu Dhabi also imposed three PCR-tests again for entering the emirate, on crossing the border, day 4 and day 8.
The regulations for people in the Vaccination Program also changed, so right now there is no benefit from having had the jab (apart from the obvious, hopefully not getting (as) sick and/or spreading the virus, of course!), as everyone has to quarantine after travel whether you are vaccinated or not f.e.
The restrictions keep changing almost weekly at the moment, all to (very good!) close any loopholes found in the system. But it's almost a full time job to keep up with all of the changes in regulations, so - we are still not going anywhere, we just keep staying put!

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