Saturday, 13 February 2021

Corona Diary, Day 339-345

Day 339, Sunday 7 February
This morning I had a new partner during my coaching session, Cecilia (as Petra has trouble getting away during all this home schooling), and also a new coach - Vanja, from Bosnia. Great session! Hard work, a lot to think about, but I do believe we are getting better and better, which is real fun!
I was planning on doing some writing for my assignment today, but since the villa maintenance crew decided to come back again (always without notice), I got nothing done and decided to play dice with Linnea instead while we waited for them to leave. I guess I'll have to work twice as hard tomorrow...
Fish pie for dinner.

Day 340, Monday 8 February

True Zoom-fatigue hit today after three online happenings; an information meeting in the morning, a training with LAD in the afternoon and finally the Monday Uni lecture of my Landscape-course. Zzz.
Made palak paneer for dinner for the first time. Didn't impress the kids, but I liked it.

Day 341, Tuesday 9 February
Today I went for a walk outside with my friend Kathleen. Two birds with one stone - exercise and venting, lovely. I also managed to make a good dent in my exam paper due on Friday, so that felt good. Nathan cooked beef stroganoff with tagliatelle for dinner. Comfort food.

Day 342, Wednesday 10 February
Nathan went to work and I went to padel this morning. Tried to get those serves right, although it all looked better in my head... ha ha. Submit my exam paper and could focus on the Landscape-course instead. Linnea went to get her first shot of the vaccine, and then she cooked lasagna for dinner. More comfort food. Linnea and I spent the evening playing games until very late, as there is no school tomorrow due to the Midterm Holidays.

Day 343, Thursday 11 February
No school, so sleep-in. Well, for some, Nathan still had to go to work. I had a quiet morning doing some studying, just mooching around. Exercise in the afternoon and then I met Frida, Petra and Linda for a Ladies Night at Yas.

The rest of the crew had Chinese take-away for dinner, as it's CNY today.

Day 344, Friday 12 February
A bit of a boring day. Nathan went for a bike ride in the morning, and Lucas and I had some padel coaching in the afternoon; but the rest of the day was actually just mostly spent in front of the TV... One of those days. Left overs for dinner, with some sad sausages we found in the freezer.

Day 345, Saturday 13 February
I like when Nathan has to do his PCR-tests cause he then gets up super early (to beat the queue), and comes back and wakes me up with coffee and croissant in bed! Best start of the day!
Then some exercise, and ready to take on the rest of the day. I love unpacking the Kibsons delivery, such lovely produce (one of the good things to come out of this pandemic life, the decision to (mostly) order a weekly grocery delivery); and Mexican stack with guacamole and homemade carrot hummus for dinner.

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