Thursday, 18 February 2021

Best week in a long time

Oh yeah, as you might understand with school opening again after very near to a full year of e-learning for Linnea - this week rates VERY high on my list of good weeks, probably the best actually! I have felt such deep relief, and gratitude, and joy.
Yes, I must admit, I was probably the one being the absolute happiest about the change in schooling circumstances, I think I even shed a bit of a tear dropping the kids off the other day... But the kids do belong in school, learning face-to-face, spending time with their friends - not at home alone in front of endless Zoom-sessions on their computers... This week was a good week and now we hope it'll only get better from here and the schools will stay open from now on.

I realised I now should stop the "Corona Diary", as I have counted that since the last day the kids had of real school last year, the 5th of March 2020, and now school is finally back!
Covid is nowhere over for sure, but apart from that small detail of 10 days quarantine = no tourists = no work for me (...) - things are rather close to normal now. At least, normal enough. I can live with the social distancing, the regulations and restrictions on different activities, wearing masks and having PCR-tests every now and then. That school would open again was the big thing we were all waiting for.

I will miss my diary though, I have enjoyed wrapping up each day and to be able to look back at what we have done, or not done. Also to be able to see what we had for dinner every night, ha ha! Yesterday by the way was cauliflower rice, Greek keftedes and baked feta-and-tomato smash; and tonight we are having citrus cod with potatoes, zucchini and corn on the cob. Might even celebrate the week, the weekend, the school opening and living life with a few G&Ts! Cheers!

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