Monday, 1 March 2021

1st March 2021 Covid status

So, yet another month have already passed, let's have a look at the pandemic living in Abu Dhabi at the moment.

The first week of February it was announced, together with a bunch other capacity restrictions, that f.e malls would only be allowed once again to operate at 40% capacity, and cinemas would be closed completely until further notice. Fine by me. But when it was announced that you could only be one passenger per taxi (no, you couldn't even travel with other people of your own family) the lack of logic completely baffled me, again. It lasted only for about a week though, ha ha.

Of course, the biggest thing this month was having school starting again! For ALL students, f-i-n-a-l-l-y! Wiii-hooo, happy times!
It has been announced in the media that the current restrictions will last (at least?) until the start of Ramadan, which is in the middle of April. So we'll keep chugging along and it will be interesting to see if something changes then.

In NZ, Auckland went into a Level 3 lockdown for one week from yesterday, because ONE person didn't obey his quarantine rules. Sweden has new restrictions from today as well: restaurants and bars have to close at 8.30 pm, trains and buses can only run at 50% capacity, gyms and shops have limited capacity rules, no sporting events for kids younger than 16, no gatherings with more than 8 people etc. But... it feels like... a little bit too late..?? About... almost a year after the rest of us?? Ah well.

Here's today's numbers in the UAE:
* 2526 new cases today, from 175,033 tests
* 1107 new recovered cases today. Total death toll 1238
* Since the start of the pandemic the UAE has had a total of 394,050 cases. That number globally is 114M+ with 2,5M+ global deaths.

And from the UAE Vaccination Program:
* 7956 doses of the vaccine have been administered today (small number, lagging reports from the weekend where no doses are given). In total 6M+ doses have been given, that's 61% per 100 people.

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