Wednesday, 17 February 2021


I can almost not believe I am writing this... but this morning I dropped even Linnea off at school - after 349 days at home. THREE-HUNDRED-AND-FORTY-NINE days since she was last at school..! It was certainly about time!!! HAL-LE-LU-JAH!!

She only gets to go one day this week though, ha ha, as the week started with two days of holiday; then yesterday it was only DP, today only half of MYP and tomorrow the other half of MYP. They are staggering the start so that the students get used to the new environment with all the new restrictions.
Next week she is welcome back the whole week, but the following week she will then do e-learning again - and then we will see if they will get to have all the students back at school all the time after that.

We take any small wins though, and one day is a start! Brighter times ahead!
Wii-hooo! Today is a good day!

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