Saturday, 20 February 2021

A February Friday... and Saturday

I have said it before, I'm no fan of weekends. We don't really have "real" weekends, because Nathan so often works parts or all of them.
I don't know why but we always end up doing absolutely nothing on the weekends. Sure, I have done my exercise, Nathan went for a big bike ride yesterday morning and to work this morning. Lucas hung out with a friend, and Linnea has caught up with some school work. But nothing special at all, compared to other people who seem to do most of their fun things on the weekends.
I seem to have another strategy of filling up the weeks instead, to avoid boredom.

We ordered way, way too much take-away on Friday night which took us all through today as well. Yay for not having to cook at all, but a bit overloaded on Chinese now after we had left-overs both for lunch and dinner. I hate waste though, so there you go.

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