Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Corona Diary, Day 346-348

Day 346, Sunday 14 February. Valentines Day
Great news today of schools (who are not having midterm holidays) opening! Yayyy! Could it be, that our kids too will make it back this week?! Very hopeful this time, and prepared by going to get their pre-school PCRs done (again-again...) today.
I had padel coaching in the morning with Cecilia again, and Nathan went to work all afternoon. The kids and I had homemade burgers for dinner, and Valentines donuts which we enjoyed with the movie 'Valentines Day', of course!

Day 347, Monday 15 February
Nathan and Lucas had a padel coaching session this morning, and I baked more semlor! Nathan went to work and Linnea cooked dinner while I had my Monday Uni lecture. Then we had some semla for dessert, and the rest will be eaten tomorrow for Fettisdagen. Double celebration then, if school actually starts..!

Day 348, Tuesday 16 February. Fettisdagen.

Sixth time lucky! Today school opened for face-to-face learning again!
(Or rather, just Lucas today, Linnea will start tomorrow as they do a staggered start).
Considering we have been burned so many times until now (three PCR-tests done for example in preparation for school, only this term), we didn't want to get our hopes up too much this time either.
But! It happened! Finally! Yay! Schoooooool! Hurray!
I celebrated by going up to the LAD with Kathleen to get a preview of the new temporary exhibition which opens tomorrow - "Abstraction and Calligraphy". So exciting with a new exhibition! Happy days all around today!
Nathan went to work in the evening after having had chicken & bacon casserole for dinner, and the rest of us finished the day off with - more semlor! It's a celebration!

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