Thursday, 4 February 2021


Spending all this time at home bores me so much at the moment, which makes me walk around the house and look for areas to clean out, improve or change up, ha ha! The coronacleaning is a never-ending story really! Linnea has got that itch too, and the past few days she has moved things around in her room as well. She rotated her bed, sofa and desk and got rid of one of her big shelving units, which ended up on the landing upstairs instead: 

I like how it turned out, and it created more space to store things too. For example some of all those new board games I have been buying..!

I also got our Brunei prints up on the wall (here to the left in the photo), something I had been thinking about for quite a while:

And I also finally decided on where to put my wall vases I bought this summer while in Haga. They ended up in the corner by the piano. Now I just need to find some more dainty fake greenery to display in them!

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